Solar Square | Why Go Solar
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Meet Sustainability Goals

Solar Leasing supports your sustainability commitments

  1. Reduce Emissions – 100 kWp of Solar PV offsets more than 2,000 tons of CO2 over system lifetime.
  2. IGBC Qualification – Enhance your green CSR initiatives & IGBC Green Building qualification criteria at zero cost.
  3. Corporate Responsibility Play your part as a responsible Corporate Citizen (at no extra cost).

‘Going Solar’ is also a cost saving measure,

It helps to generate new income, avoid penalties and thus provides significant business advantage.

Create a New Profit Center

Utilize unusable space in your premise to save electricity costs

(Solar Power Tariff will be lower than Grid Power Tariff & DG-set Tariff)

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Solar Power usage reduces coal & DG-set usage

Generate New Income

Solar Power produced will be eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates* that sell between Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 5,800 per 1000 units. *T&C Apply

Cater to Solar Purchase Obligation (SPO)

Solar Power produced will cater to state governed SPO

Get Green Energy Independence

Cheap, Clean and Reliable Power will be produced from a solar plant in your premises

Get PR Benefits

Going Solar has provided significant media traction for businesses

By partnering with Solar Square,

you gain significant benefits at Zero Risk.