We take turnkey responsibility – finance, design, build and operate – for the solar plant in your premise.

By partnering with Solar Square, you gain significant
benefits at Zero Risk.

Create a New Profit Center

Utilize unusable space in your premise to save electricity costs

(Solar Power Tariff will be lower than Grid Power Tariff & DG-set Tariff)

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Solar Power usage reduces coal & DG-set usage

Generate New Income

Solar Power produced will be eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates that sell between Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 5,800 per 1000 units

Cater to Solar Purchase Obligation (SPO)

Solar Power produced will cater to state governed SPO

Get Green Energy Independence

Cheap, Clean and Reliable Power will be produced from a solar plant in your premises

Get PR Benefits

Going Solar has provided significant media traction for businesses

‘Going Solar’ is not only a cost saving measure, but provides opportunity to generate new income, avoid penalties and consequently, provides significant business advantage.